We regularly run surveys and online experiments on this website. This page explains how we protect your privacy and the confidentiality of your answers.

WHAT information is being collected

No contact information (address, e-mail, etc.) or personal data is collected without the express user's consent.

Unless explicitely stated, the survey does not use cookies.

WHY the information is being collected

Contact information, if any, is being collected to identify participants after the study (rewards, bonus points).

All other information (e.g. answers to survey questions) are collected for non profit, academic research only.

WHEN that information is being collected

Some general information (e.g. number of visitors) may be collected each time the user sees a page, or clicks on a button or a link (and thus sends information to our server). However, no personal information is collected without the express user's consent.

WHO will be using this information

No personal information will ever be shared, sold, leased or released to anyone.

Collected information will be used for non profit, academic research only by the Principal Investigator or his research team that is approved to access the data for analysis.

No other company, partner, affiliate or supplier will never be granted to access the database.

Survey results may be released, but at an aggregate level only, which guarantees privacy and confidentiality of personal information.

WHERE the information is actually stored

All information are stored on our server, and is not visible from the Internet.

If this page does not answer all questions you have about privacy, please feel free to contact me.